Triathlon Therapy

“The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.”

Getting rid of some of your daily stressors can be simpler than you think.  Big or small, life piles up on you.  Decrease your stress by letting your activity assist with your coping mechanisms.

  1. Before a session determine what you want to try to resolve
  2. During your session, replay (in your head, or out loud) what caused the conflict.  This should be succinct.
  3. Visit and revisit the issue for 5-10 minutes – this can be replaying the problem in your mind – remember to take a break (you are training) and come back to the concern again and again
  4. The memory will hopefully start to fade in intensity and the issue becomes less of a concern.  This may take several sessions
  5. Restate what you were trying to resolve; (IMPORTANT) as soon as you can, write down what change occurred or tell someone about it

Blogger’s note: don’t hurt yourself, let your stress improve your performance, not deter it

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