Successful Racing Tips

You’ve trained for several months now, competed in a couple warm up races, and now your ready for your ‘A race’.  Don’t worry, you’ve prepared enough.  Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  1. Be sure to look at your recent race results and key workout times to fine tune where your current race pace is and what to expect your heart rates are on race day.
  2. Go balls out . . . safely.  Be realistic on race, and evaluate how much harder you can go at regular intervals while on course.  Evaluation intervals should be shorter if the race is shorter (Sprint and Olympic) and longer if the race is longer (long course events)
  3. Create a routine and stick to it.  Most races start in the morning, so a bunch of your training should occur during this time as well.  If that doesn’t work most training days, be sure to have several key sessions during typical race times.
  4. Know thy course. If you can train on the course, please do so as much as possible (while staying sane).  Some people will use BestBikeSplit or Computrainer whilst on the bike trainer to give them the exact power it takes to ride a course during a triathlon.  If you cannot get on the course, make sure to look at the elevation profile to gain a sense of all the hills you need to conquer on race day.
  5. Only positivity. Keep only positive thoughts in your mind (especially on race day).  If you need to, write them down, please do so, especially if you have memory problems (author included).  If a negative thought comes to forefront of your mind, strike it from the record.  Avoid negative people on race day as well.
  6. Appreciate yourself, and others. Say thanks to all the race organizers, volunteers, and spectators who are cheering for you.  Give yourself some appreciation while you are kicking some butt on race day.

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