Keeping your knees happy

As endurance athletes, our knees take a beating just like the rest of our body.  If your knees ache, make sure to take a look the following:

  • ranges of motion of the ankle, knees, and hips (both sides)
    • as an example: shortness/tightness in your hamstrings are sometimes the cause of knee pain
  • relative strength of your quadriceps and gluteal muscles
    • it never hurts to be stronger and if those muscles are weaker, your biomechanics will be less efficient
  • torso muscular stability
    • “core work” needs to be better as well
    • a stronger, more stable core will improve your performance as well
    • add in some daily exercises to challenge your core
  • too much increase in training volume in a short period of time
    • incremental changes in your volume from week to week will allow your musculoskeletal system to adapt better

Please note that you should go see your PCP if you are uncertain about what to do when your knees start aching

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