Fitness + Freshness = Peak Form

You spend each week swimming, biking, and running (oh my), increasing your time and intensity with your sessions, remembering to take it easy every 3rd or 4th week with the regular rest day (or two) each week as well.

If your training plan is a long term plan, it may be difficult for you to subtract from what the plan says.  REMEMBER: it is okay to not train and rest and recover more.  This will allow your body to feel fresher (Coach Jim Harbaugh would use the word ‘hardened’) for upcoming sessions.

Use a scale of 0-10 every day to determine how well recovered you are.  0 for not recovered at all and 10 for saying I am recovered completely.  Follow the training plan, but also take heed of your recovery scale.  If your recovery is 6 or greater, go ahead and follow the plan.  If your score is 5 or lower, better to downsize the intensity or take a rest day and adjust accordingly.

We also like our athletes to use their resting heart rate (taken for 1 minutes taken in the morning before getting out of bed) to help determine how their training is going as well.  There are also great heart rate variability apps available for your smart phone along with a bluetooth-enabled heart rate strap.  Typically, the higher HRV value you have, the healthier you are.

You can use a lot of other ways to determine if you are fresh (sleep, etc.); keeping it simple (scale of 0-10) can work as well.  Keep eating well, don’t skimp on the fruits and veggies.  All of the fitness sessions with the other variables will allow your best performance (day in day out).  Stay consistent with your fitness sessions along with your consistent recovery methods.

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