Similar to running, people develop habits with their swim stroke which may become undesirable.  Moving Forward will evaluate your swim stroke and provide you with skills and drills to help enhance your technique.  Our preference is to make you a more athletic swimmer, so sometimes learning a new stroke or a different set of skills and drills will challenge you to become the better swimmer.  Moving Forward uses video analysis during most of our swim sessions to enhance the teaching environment.

For all swimmers, we encourage you to swim regular time trials to see if you are becoming a faster swimmer.  Typical time trials distances/times:

  1. 1500 meter (record your time)
  2. 1 mile (record your time)
  3. 30 minute (record the distance covered)

We can also provide you a better, more specific swim training plan according to your goals for your training and racing.

Current Rate: $60 per hour.  Brief sessions are prorated.

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