Running economy is the number one factor to improve your performance.  No matter what style or form you display (heel striker, mid-foot, or forefoot) while you run, you can decrease your chance of injury by improving your running economy.  After a thorough assessment of your posture and your current running form, we will provide you with the necessary exercises, skills, and drills to help you become a better runner.  Moving Forward uses video analysis during most of our run sessions to enhance the teaching environment.

Measuring your run performance comes in the form of your times from your annual races along with regular time trials throughout your training cycles.  Moving Forward can provide you with specific time trials based upon your goals.  Typical time trials are (record your time for each):

  1. 1 mile
  2. 5K
  3. 10K

We can determine your fatigue profile with using the recorded times from your time trials.  Using some pace calculators we can help you with more specific paces for your training cycles.

Current Rate: $60 per hour.  Brief sessions are prorated.

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