Looking to improve your biking?  Moving Forward will provide you with skills and drills to help you improve your performance on the bike, whether it is road or mountain.  We’ll be happy to head out on the trails or road with you to help you improve your skills.

We also provide bike fitting and performance testing.  We use a WAHOO KICKR or Kurt Kinetic trainer for the testing on the bike.  Regular testing on the bike ensures you training in the correct zones.  Even if you don’t train with power, verifying how much power you have or can sustain on the bike will aid your effort levels while training.  We have standard protocols to use along with customizing your performance test dependent upon your training and racing goals.

Also, during the winter months (November – April) in Montana, we have small group sessions where you can bring in your own bike (typically your road bike) to ride indoors.  Coach Matt will establish your functional threshold power and create workout sessions every time you come in.  Our Watts Up! Indoor Cycling schedule varies from day to day.

Don’t want to lug your bike around? We understand that to save time and money, you may want to set up your own personal performance training center in your house.  Please let us know; we can help you with what you need.

Current Rate: $60 per hour.  Brief sessions are prorated.

Small Group Sessions are $15 per class.

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