Build. Crazy. Fitness.

There are so many ways to build crazy fitness if you are an endurance athlete. Should you add more time, intensity, frequency, or add in different modes of exercise.  Remember that your training is an experiment and you should be comfortable running that experiment anywhere from 3-6 weeks before you analyze those results.  We, at Moving Forward, believe it is important to change the frequency along with the other variables to augment performance.

For example, do you need to improve your swimming?  You could be swimming in between 5-10 sessions per week.  That is a lot time heading to the pool! All of those sessions do not need to be 90 minutes in length.  Shorter sessions can be crucial to those in need of improving their mechanics.  Some swimmers have poor form when their sessions last too long.

Another example is improving your “base” fitness.  This can be done with longer, less intense sessions. This can also be done with shorter, more intense sessions.  Please remember that you need to run with a particular block of training for a minimum of 3 weeks (yes, we know this debatable) to elicit a response.  Every athlete differs with what is good, better, best for them.  Beware of the group training sessions!  Perform fitness assessments relative to your swimming, biking, running, etc. to determine your training zones.  Start there.

Plus, use other ways of training your base. Nordic skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, skating if you live in colder, snowier climates.  Moving Forward favors Nordic skiing in the wintertime.  It is easier on your joints and provides the number one method to help improve your VO2.

So, how do build crazy fitness? There are many ways. Mix it up. Add in new sports. Perform assessments to see if you are truly improving.  Assessments come in the form of time trials and other benchmark tests.  Stick to your plan. Stick to your plan. Did we say that twice? Recover appropriately.  BTW, we add in the crazy part, because just because you want to build crazy fitness doesn’t mean your fitness should drive you crazy.  Hire an educated, certified, and experienced coach to help you with all aspects of your performance. It. Will. Help.

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